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Watts Output Voltage Current Connector W H L Part Number Pic Spec
40W4-12VDC3.33A    LC40MN-3330 
40W38-114VDC0.35A    LC40MN-350 
40W30-89VDC0.45A    LC40MN-450 
40W18-54VDC0.7A    LC40MN-700 
40W18-45VDC0.9A    LC40MN-900 
40W12V3.33A    LV40MN-12 
40W18V2.22A    LV40MN-18 
40W24V1.67A    LV40MN-24 
40W36V1.1A    LV40MN-36 
40W48V0.83A    LV40MN-48 
40W9V4.45A    LV40MN-9 
45W24V1.8A    LD45GL-24 
45W36V1.25A    LD45GL-36 
45W42V1.05A    LD45GL-42 
45W48V1A    LD45GL-48 
45W57V0.7A    LD45GL-57 
45W12V3.75A    LV45HC-12 
45W24V1.875A    LV45HC-24 
60W12V5A    LV60HC-12 
60W24V2.5A    LV60HC-24 
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* Dimensions (W: Width, H: Height, L: Length) are in millimeters
* If a model has no spec or picture linked to it, please contact us for the most recent information.
If you would like to see different specifications, then please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirement.