Medical Power Supplies
- U Channel / Enclosed

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- U Channel & Enclosed - Single Output
Part Number Output Range Preset Voltage Max. Output Current Total Reg. Ripple & Noise Pic Spec
Type U (Convection) Type U (with forced air) & E
E1200U-M03Fw2-3.33.3V  60A +/- 1%+/-1%  
E1200PQ-M33 3.3V  60A200W 2% Max
U1200PQ-M33 3.3V30.3A100W60A200W 2% Max
U1300PQ-M05  5V30A150W60A300W 2% Max
E1300PQ-M05  5V  60A300W 2% Max
E1360U-M05Fw5-65V  60A +/- 1%+/-1%  
E1300PQ-M12  12V  25A300W 2% Max
E1400U-M12Fw12-1512V   400W+/- 1%+/-1%  
U1300PQ-M12  12V12.5A150W25A300W 2% Max
E1300PQ-M15  15V  20A300W 2% Max
U1300PQ-M15  15V10A150W20A300W 2% Max
E1400U-M18Fw16-2118V   400W+/- 1%+/-1%  
U1300PQ-M24  24V6.25A150W12.5A300W 2% Max
E1300PQ-M24  24V  12.5A300W 2% Max
E1400U-M24Fw22-3024V   400W+/- 1%+/-1%  
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* Dimensions (W: Width, H: Height, L: Length) are in millimeters
* If a model has no spec or picture linked to it, please contact us for the most recent information.
If you would like to see different specifications, then please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirement.
  • x1zU-MyFw. x = U (U-Chassis Type) or E (Enclosed with built-in Fan Type). or y = 03, 05, 12, 18, 24, 36 or 48. w = blank or S where S denote forced current sharing option (OR-ring diode).
  • U Series: 400W max. with 23CFM airflow or 250W max. under convection cooling; (Option: Top Cover)
  • E Series: 400W max. with built-in fan flow.
  • All output ranges are covered in agency certifications and preset output voltage for each model as above listings.
  • Providing peak power to 700W within 500uS for all models, longer duty duration need contact manufacture.
  • 1% minimum load is required to maintain the ripple and regulation.
  • Output is fully isolated.
* Dimensions: B type(5"W x 9"L x 1.6"H), U type(5"W x 8"L x 1.6"H)