Adapter Wall Mount

Energy Level V Models CH Plug
Watts Volts Amps W H L Energy Level Part Number Plug Pic Spec
3W3V1A   VW030010x-CHCH  
3W12V0.25A   VW120003x-CHCH  
3W15V0.2A   VW150002x-CHCH  
5W3V1.5A   VW030015x-CHCH  
5W5V1A   VW050010x-CHCH  
5W9V0.6A   VW090006x-CHCH  
6W5V1.2A   VW050012x-CHCH  
6W6V1A   VW060010x-CHCH  
6W9V0.67A   VW090007x-CHCH  
6W10V0.6A   VW100006x-CHCH  
6W12V0.5A   VW120005x-CHCH  
6W15V0.4A   VW150004x-CHCH  
8W5V1.6A   VW050015x-CHCH  
8W6V1.33A   VW060013x-CHCH  
8W8V1A   VW080010x-CHCH  
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* Dimensions (W: Width, H: Height, L: Length) are in millimeters
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