DC / DC Power Supplies

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Part Number Watts Input (VDC) Volts Amps Vin No. of Outputs Package Type Isolation (VDC) Output Regulation Spec
D1020DA3675-1220W 12166636-75    
D1020DA3675-620W 6400036-75    
D1020DA1836-1520W 15133318-36    
D1020DA1836-1220W 12166618-36    
D1020DA1836-520W 5400018-36    
D1020DA1836-3.320W 3.3400018-36    
D1020DA918-1520W 1513339-18    
D1020DA918-1220W 1216669-18    
D1020DA918-520W 540009-18    
95D20W18-36v, 36-72v   S/D2x1.6x0.5, 2x2x0.51500Y 
D1020DA3675-1520W 15133336-75    
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* Dimensions (W: Width, H: Height, L: Length) are in millimeters
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