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Custom KIOSK / Game Power Supplies
Watts +5V +12V +24V1 +24V2 +5Vsb W H L Features Part Number Pic Spec
200W10A8A3A 2A94.4200254Note 1G4200A4 G4
400W 10A6.5A4.5A2A94.4200254Note 1G4400A3 G3
400W10A12A9A4A2A94.4200254Note 1G5400A2 G2
600W13A14A10.5A4.5A2A94.4200254Note 1G5600A1 G1

Note 1: Optional two GPO mains outlets with fuses accessible externally.

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* Dimensions (W: Width, H: Height, L: Length) are in millimeters
* If a model has no spec or picture linked to it, please contact us for the most recent information.
If you would like to see different specifications, then please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirement.